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Bariatric Surgery

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Achieving a healthier weight can improve quality of life and relieve chronic medical conditions, including diabetes, stroke, hypertension and sleep apnea. When you’re ready for a healthier you, bariatric surgery is an option to consider. Meritas Health doctors work closely with the bariatric team at North Kansas City Hospital’s accredited Bariatric Center.

What is Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery — also known as weight-loss surgery — involves procedures that reduce the size of the stomach to make you feel full sooner, so you eat less and lose weight. We offer two types of bariatric procedures:

  • Gastric bypass – The surgeon staples the stomach to create a small pouch and connects it directly to the small intestine to let food bypass the rest of the stomach.
  • Gastric sleeve – The surgeon surgically removes most of the stomach.

Am I a Candidate for Weight-loss Surgery?

If losing weight has been a challenge in the past, or you’re having health difficulties because of your weight, talk with your doctor about bariatric surgery. You may qualify if you:

  • Are overweight and have medical problems that could be corrected or greatly improved with significant weight loss
  • Have the mindset to understand and comply with the recommended postoperative program
  • Can demonstrate a willingness to engage in a lifestyle and nutritional habits known to support weight loss
  • Have a history of failing to lose weight or maintain weight loss on other diet programs
  • Have support from family, a spouse or close friends

Life After Bariatric Surgery

Weight-loss surgery is a major milestone for your health, requiring special consideration and care for the future. Your doctor and the bariatric surgery team help you lead a healthier life by providing services, such as:

  • Nutritional counseling and education – They guide you on what to eat to ensure successful weight management.
  • Regular checkups – They confirm your goals and adjust to your post-surgery plan to encourage success.
  • Support group – Meet others who have completed weight-loss surgery and are on the road to healthier lifestyles.

Learn more about making the decision for weight-loss surgery with our Weight-loss Surgery Guide.

Bariatric Surgery