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Digestive Health

Need a Primary Care Physician?

Meritas Health has many physicians to meet your needs.

Find a Provider

When you’re having stomachaches, bowel issues or other digestive problems, our primary care doctors are here to help. Work with experienced physicians and providers who are focused on finding answers to your questions and putting you on the road to good health.

Should you require the help of a gastroenterologist — a doctor who studies and treats conditions of the digestive tract — your primary care doctor can refer you to a specialist at North Kansas City Hospital. From diagnostic tests, to heartburn treatment, to gallstone removal, our specialists are here to help you get back to your everyday life.

Digestive Conditions We Treat

Our specialists treat a wide range of gastroenterological conditions, including:

GI Tests and Diagnosis

Many digestive health services are available on an outpatient basis so you can return home more quickly and get back to the activities you enjoy.

Turn to North Kansas City Hospital for comprehensive tests for your digestive health including:

  • Colonoscopy – Provides a view of your large intestine
  • EGD (upper endoscopy) – Examines the esophagus, stomach and upper small intestine
  • Stool analysis – Reviews color, consistency, amount and presence of blood or mucus

Ask your doctor about other tests that may help diagnose the source of your digestive distress. Keeping your digestive health in check is the best prevention for colorectal cancer or other digestive conditions.

Comprehensive Digestive Treatment

Work with experts who care about your digestive health. If you need a referral for additional care, we’ll connect you with gastroenterology specialists at North Kansas City Hospital.

Digestive Health